Lease To Own

✅ Embrace Ownership from the Start:

Our Lease-to-Own program empowers you to take ownership of an appliance right from the beginning. By paying for it at an affordable rate, you gain the flexibility to make it yours immediately upon signing the agreement. Once the payments are complete, the appliance becomes your permanent possession.


✅ Optimal Tax Benefits:

When you participate in our Lease-to-Own program, you have the advantage of a 100% tax write-off. By owning the equipment and actively making payments, you can categorize it as a legitimate business expense. This enables you to deduct the cost from your taxable income, resulting in significant tax savings. By leveraging this benefit, you retain more funds in your pocket after tax season.


✅ Autonomy in Chemical Selection:

With our program, you have the liberty to select the chemical company that aligns with your preferences and criteria. The choice is entirely yours, enabling you to consider factors such as pricing, efficiency, ethical standards, and any other metrics that matter to you. This autonomy empowers you to make informed decisions regarding the chemicals you utilize in and on your appliance.


Indefinite Renting

❌ Avoid Ongoing Expenses:

Choosing to rent equipment for your restaurant means continuously giving away your hard-earned money to the renting company. This additional expense becomes a burden that you can do without.


❌ Missed Tax Savings:

Choosing to rent equipment instead of owning it deprives you of potential tax savings. Since you do not have ownership rights, you are unable to claim it as a business expense and therefore cannot include it as a deduction on your taxes. This absence of tax benefits increases your overall tax liability, requiring you to pay more than necessary.


❌ Limited Chemical Options Imposed:

When renting machines from a company, they often impose specific guidelines and requirements for handling the equipment. This includes dictating the use of designated chemical suppliers and prohibiting the use of alternative options. Consequently, you are stripped of the ability to exercise your own choices and preferences. Deviating from these predetermined rules by using your own chemicals may be regarded as a breach of contract, further limiting your control over the process.


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